In the Midwest, it’s already starting to get warmer. We’re waking up and bundling up for the cold, but then by the time noon rolls around we’re sweltering because we’ve overdressed. That means it’s already time to start breaking out some transitional pieces for those days when it’s in the 30s in the morning and the 60s in the afternoon. Don’t pack your winter wardrobe away just yet, instead, work the following items into your rotation to help keep you comfortable, even when the weather suddenly changes.

Layers are key.

When the weather is constantly changing, wearing light layers makes more sense than outright bundling up. It makes it easier to get warmer or cooler depending on what the temperature is. While you might not be ready to pack away your heavier coats and boots yet, wearing lighter layers underneath can make the difference between being comfortable in the afternoon or uncomfortable.

Lightweight jackets

Denim and moto jackets are probably my favorite way to change the look of an entire outfit.  These lightweight jackets are perfect for when you’re not sure whether you’ll want something warmer, but you don’t want to take a chance that you’ll be too cold while going about your business. Layer these with sweaters underneath, and you’ll have options as the day warms up.


Cardigans, like lightweight jackets, are a great option for those wanting to layer, but who would like their outfit to have a softer vibe. Layer a heavier cardigan over a long-sleeved shirt for cooler days or over a short-sleeved shirt for warmer days. A good cardigan in a classic neutral color is a great staple to have in your office or car. It’s also a great layering piece to add depth to your outfit.

Knit pants

Leggings are fine, especially if you’re layering them with skirts and dresses or tunics, but knit pants are an outstanding option for transitional dressing. Look for heavier knits with classic cuts that look more like trousers. Joggers are great for the weekend, but a great pair of knit slacks can be perfect for shielding your legs from still-cool winds while also looking chic.

Move towards a lighter color palette.

While this winter’s trends had some lighter colors thrown in – particularly pastel metallics, it’s time to start transitioning those deep winter colors for lighter spring colors. Lighter greens, blues, peaches, and even lilac are trending in 2024 for spring. For those preferring bold colors, look for blues, teals, mint, and yellow.

Transitional footwear

Because it’s likely still going to be soggy out for a while, we’re just not quite ready for sandals yet. However, cute pumps, particularly with pointed toes, and booties are a perfect way to start transitioning your wardrobe from heavy snow boots to spring and summer sandals.

Taking the time to think through transitional pieces not only helps you to be more comfortable on those days when the temperature can change 30 degrees over a few hours, but it can also help stave off impulse buys on the days that start warm but end chilly. What are your favorite transitional pieces?