It’s freezing outside, but winter 2024 fashion is hot. From rich colors to bringing back some of our favorite trends from years past, 2024 has everyone covered. Perhaps the most important trend this season is dressing in a way that reflects your uniqueness.

1. Burgundy and Other Bold Reds

Red’s reign as fashion color queen continues into winter 2024, but burgundy and cherry red have taken the lead. Embrace the trend with the opulence of a velvet burgundy coat – or play up your confidence in a cherry red dress layered under leather.

2. Longline coats

We told you this season is all about making a statement – and what better way to do that than to rock a longline coat in a bold hue? Get bonus points this season for combining a longline coat with a tartan plaid – also trending right now.

3. Silver and shimmer pastels

Metallics are back; this season, silver is the undisputed queen of the dance floor. Silver is the way to go whether you’re looking to party the night away, or add a touch of futuristic flair to your everyday look by choosing a shimmery pastel pink top.

4. Tights

This winter, say goodbye to shivering bare legs and hello to statement tights – the perfect way to stay toasty and trendy. Today’s thick statement tights are an explosion of color, pattern, and texture, ready to transform your outfit from basic to bold.

5. Statement gloves

Winter 2024 is taking statement gloves to a whole new level. Forget your grandpa’s wool mittens – this season’s gloves are all about glamour, drama, and a touch of the unexpected. Think beyond the basics and look for gloves with opulent textures, vibrant colors, or shimmering gemstones.

6. Preppy pieces

Preppy is back with a twist this winter, blending classic staples with fresh takes on proportion and color. Ditch the fitted polos and embrace a slouchy oversized silhouette. Layer it over a crisp white tee or under a chunky knit sweater for added textural play.

7. Layered sheers

Sheer might not scream “winter vibes” at first glance, but this season, it’s shaking things up with a layered twist. Forget thin, flimsy chiffons – think bold meshes, intricate lace, and playful transparencies adding depth and intrigue to winter wardrobes.

8. Pointed-Toe Shoes

While boots might be the usual winter suspects, this season, it’s all about trading them in for pointed-toe slingbacks. Look for them in dazzling silver. These sleek shoes are the perfect way to inject a dose of modern glamour and add the metallic trend into your winter wardrobe.

9. Borrowing from Past Decades

Outfits inspired by the late 90s and early 2000s have been trending for a while now, but this season trendsetters everywhere are borrowing not just from those two decades but from the ‘70s and even the 20’s (particularly in the form of polka dots).

10. Sustainability

Finally, sustainable fashion is trending. Folks are ditching fast fashion in exchange for items that leave less of an impact on the environment. One of the great things about most of the winter 2024 fashion trends is that they have been around for a while, and they’re likely to continue to crop up. If you really want to be in style, support brands that are committed to providing sustainable and eco-friendly fashion.