It’s time to break out the pumpkin spice lattes, but it is time to start thinking about the statements you want to make when it comes to your fall outfit choices. After a hotter-than-ever summer, we’re ready to welcome a cozy fall. Here are the five biggest fall 2023 fashion trends – and you won’t want to miss them.

Snake Prints

Every season has its animal print and fall 2023 is no different. This fall, get ready for all things snake print. This classic print will turn heads whether you’re rocking a pair of snake-print boots or a snake-print mini with tights. Look for quality pieces that will work well for several outfits and last for the coming years. Snake prints have their moment every few years.


Go bold, go red. While we enjoyed our summer fling with Barbie® pink, it’s time to go darker into the fall. If you’re really looking to make a statement, opt for red from head to toe – a red blazer over a red turtleneck with red wide-leg pants and heels will get all heads turning your way. Don’t overlook fun red accessories like a vintage cherry-red purse or red fringe earrings.


The leather stud belts of the 1990s have grown up. Not only are leather belts with studs popular once again, but they’re taking on a more refined feel. Can’t get enough of the material or its vegan cousins? Consider a leather blazer – not only will it help you rock the leather trend, but boxy blazers in classic cuts are also back in style for this fall.

Sheer Fabrics

Sheer fabrics don’t necessarily scream “autumn,” but in the right colors and with the right layers, they’re a perfect layer for your fall looks. In addition to bold red, look for colors on the lighter end of the spectrum and layer them with traditional fall fabrics to create an interesting textured look.

Tailored Classics

The classic cropped Chanel jacket is back and in a big way. This fall, look for tailored tweed with matching pieces – a cropped jacket with a miniskirt or dress. Tailored tweed isn’t the only classic that has made a comeback for fall fashion in 2023 – the classic suit has also been popping up on runways. Shake things up by pairing it with a sheer blouse.

Other Trends

The above five fall fashion trends are the ones you’ll see the most of as we start to go into the cooler seasons of the year. Other trends include a return of the skinny tie, lingerie-inspired elements in everyday wear (think lace and other delicate fabrics), and dark romance. Dark romance is a nod to Wednesday Addams and the gothic styles of the early 2000s.

If you’re looking for sustainable ways to participate in this fall’s trends, you need only look toward secondhand and resale shops. To bring the trends up to date – and not look like you stepped out of a different decade, pay attention to your accessories and styling.