So much talent just drips out of the pores of aspiring designers. Young designers like Kathy Mayer, step into the fashion world any way they can. With a degree in one hand and a sewing machine in the other success can be measured by more than 5/8 of an inch.

This week I, Midwest Fashion Week blogger Sheeba, wanted to spotlight a young aspiring designer, from Fishers, Indiana, who is taking her designs into her own hands and just showcased her work for the first time ever at the Fashion Design Society of Ball State University’s Designer’s Showcase. Mayer was kind enough to take some time out of her busy schedule to talk to us at Midwest Fashion Week about her big day.

Q. So, Kathy what is your design background?
A.“I grew up around a grandmother who could trace a silhouette on paper and create an outfit just from that. My mom always says I got the design gene from her. My first memory of sewing was with a Little Mermaid cardboard sewing card (which I proceeded to poked my eye with). In high school I started taking sewing classes which nbso online casino reviews progressed into college, where I majored in Fashion Merchandising and Apparel Design.”

Q. What started your interest in fashion design?
A. “When I first started college at Ball State, I was just interested in fashion merchandising. Like most students in merchandising, I didn’t have patience with sewing and was really terrible at any kind of illustration. At junior level, one of my teachers asked, ‘why did you pick up the merchandising assignment sheet, aren’t you in design?’ I wasn’t, and thought hey, if my teacher has confidence in me, I can have confidence in myself. I started taking design classes the next semester.”

Q. What is your favorite aspect of design?
A. “I can’t really point out a specific aspect of why I like design. It’s more of a feeling. It is fun, exciting, and always changing. When I recently looked at Theyskens’ Theory Fall 2012 collection, I almost had tears in my eyes. I know that sounds crazy, but the collection as a whole was so beautiful. Design is an art form, and like all types of art, emotion is part of it.”

Q. What pieces did you have showcased during the fashion show?
A. “This fashion show was put on FDS (Fashion Design Society) at Ball State. They did an extraordinary job with producing this show, which was a Designer Showcase. Any student could put their work in. The pieces I chose were two garments I made during the summer of 2011 and one garment that I made as a New Years Eve dress in December 2010. The two draping pieces are my favorite garments I have created so far, and this was the first fashion show I have had stuff in… very exciting!!”