It’s time for our favorite season again – fall. And this year, some of our favorite trends from the past are making a reappearance. That’s right, this fall, it’s ALL about 90s-revival looks. This means that some of your favorite summer pieces – slip dresses, micro-minis, and crop tops can move their way into the fall with the right styling and accessories.

Prairie Prints


Prairie prints are back – and this time, instead of being rocked with cowgirl boots, people are pairing these pretty fabrics with suede and microsuede boots and textured neutral long cardigans. We can’t think of an easier look to pull of for the fall. To keep it updated, make sure the fit is impeccable.

Rib-Knit Polos

Andrea Adamo

Look for a fine-wale rib knit in a bold color, or in fall’s lavender hue. Bonus points if the knit has a contrasting collar either in a different color or a different fabric. This one’s actually from the 70s, but it’s receiving a lot of attention again.


Marc Jacobs

Why not bling yourself for the fall? We’re all about the sequins this fall – and not just for evenings. After being cooped up for a year, why not? Wear the sequin skirt with a floral blouse. If you’re not feeling quite so daring, look for sequins on accessories.



Cutouts and crops are really popular right now. If you’re nervous about cutouts, look for strategic placement. With the right placement, cutouts can look flattering on any body type, and can be a fun way to rock a trend this fall.

Head-to-Toe Denim


This trend initially made us pause, but we’ve seen it done really well. The key is to look for different shades of denim for separates or to rock the denim jumpsuit or dress. Watch your accessories carefully with this one. One false move and you’re a Britney and Justin flashback.

90’s Styling


It’s all about the 90s. Slip dress over a white t-shirt? Yes, please. Short skirt and a long jacket? Cake had it right, this was one of my favorite looks then, and it still is now. To bring it into 2021, make sure you’re looking for bold hues and steer away from basic black. It’s all about color right now.

Sweater Vests


At the height of the 90s, sweater vests were everywhere and we are so excited to rock this trend once again this fall. While many of the vests in this trend are cropped (think Clueless style) classic colors and lengths are also very popular.

Bold Pants


Solid bold-colored sweater vest, white t-shirt, floral pants. Or plaid pants. Or another bold pattern. This year’s fall slacks and jeans are anything but boring. If you’re feeling really feisty, try out sequin or glitter pants.

Midi Skirts


If the skirt isn’t short, it’s midi-length. To keep it from looking dowdy, make sure to look for skirts in bold patterns, leather, or fun shapes for this trend.

Colorful Leather

Isabel Marant

Colorful leather is at it again – eggplant, teal, cranberry – and you get bonus points if you’re wearing it as a moto jacket. If you’re not feeling so bold, work it in through your accessories.

Acid Wash

Marquis Almeida

Acid wash denim is back. The shapes are different now, and I’ve seen some cute acid wash jumpsuits and shirtdresses. To avoid looking like you walked out of Back to the Future, make sure your accessories are more modern. No jelly shoes and bracelets here.

Printed Tights


Navy rib polo, denim skirt, and some tights with a bold print can make for a really fun fall outfit. Florals, black pattern on black, and geometric shapes are a hit right now.

Quilted Textures

Louis Vuitton

Quilted jackets and purses are really popular right now. Last year’s puffer jackets are back, too, but this time they’re quilted. In the Midwest, these have a practical purpose as well as a fashion purpose. While it’s hard to think about puffer jackets while it’s still warm outside, they do make for a good transition piece – especially if you go for a long one and pair it with the short skirt.