For a little while now, we’ve been seeing the 90’s trend pop up everywhere in fashion, and this season’s trends for men are no different. Depending on your age, you may recognize a lot of these, and may even feel some stirrings of nostalgia as a result! That said, there are ways to make them work for the moment in a fresh and modern way, without being too “old news”. Let’s take a look at what’s hot this season!




Tom Ford /  WWD


Florals are definitely in this season for menswear. The bolder the better! Look for neon details, but to avoid that costumed look, don’t go overboard. The florals that are hottest this season are the larger, more bold prints.


Bomber Jackets


Sacai / Hypebeast


The bomber jacket is back! When selecting a jacket that will bring your wardrobe into the “ wow zone,” be sure to look for streamlined details and understated colors. Pair with wide-leg jeans and a t-shirt, and you’re good to go.


Bermuda Shorts



We’re returning to longer lengths for shorts after a brief foray into short shorts for men but these aren’t your dad’s lawn mowing Bermuda shorts. With this style, length is everything — too short and the fit doesn’t look right. Too long, and you’re in retirement community land. They should be well-tailored and hit just about two inches above the knee.


Utility Styles


Balmain / Vogue


Who doesn’t love pockets? Utility styles with lots of pockets are everywhere this season – and that’s a good thing. Pockets not only are handy if you’re doing outdoorsy things, but they’re also handy as we get back to the new normal to carry extra masks and a small bottle of hand sanitizer with ease.


Boxy Silhouettes


Tom Ford / Vogue


The 90’s aren’t the only thing making their way back. We’re also seeing a lot of styles straight out of the 80’s. Boxy silhouettes, especially when it comes to suits, are back with a vengeance. To achieve a modern Miami Vice vibe, be sure to keep the colors more traditional with this trend.


Statement Shirts


Hermes / Vogue


In addition to floral prints, statement shirts are making an impression on fashion icons. When you’re wearing a statement shirt, you’ll want to keep the rest of your outfit toned down to classic colors and lines. A great statement shirt can get a lot of milage in your wardrobe this season – whether you’re meeting on Zoom or headed out on the town.


Trench Coats


Ami / Vogue


Trench coats are the next trend to take note of. These are mostly going down the runways in the classic camel color and silhouette. Pair this outerwear with wide leg or cropped trousers and loafers for a classy yet cool look.


Camp Collars


Louis Vuitton / Vogue


The camp collar is back, and piping details are having a moment as well. Interested in taking this style for a spin? You’ll want to make sure that the shirt is well-fitted and that you’re playing up the colors and prints of the season.


Hand-Knit Accessories


Salvatore Ferragamo / WWD


We’ve all had a lot more time on our hands than usual, and some have tried their hand at hand-knitting accessories and sweaters. Don’t let that gift from your Aunt Lenore sit in the drawer — bring it out! Hand-knit accessories are everywhere right now!




Etro / Vogue


You can’t have florals and statement shirts without their cousin — the patchwork shirt. While this trend is appearing with a lot with various types of plaids in the form of button-down shirts, patchwork pants are also very popular right now.


Nautical Styles


Kiton / Vogue


Finally, nautical styles and stripes are really big right now as we head from spring into summer. Look for wide striped polo shirts, rope details, anchors, compass roses, and ocean colors. Don’t overlook a piece or two from this trend to really make your spring wardrobe current!