Nicole Ncube


Nicole Ncube, a 22year old Self-taught designer who is born and bred in Soweto is the founder and head designer of Ascend Label, a Luxury streetwear based in South Africa founded in 2021, the inspiration behind the brand is the upliftment of people from all walks of life, uniting them through fashionand giving them a voice. After finishing school,Nicole felt like she needed to do something that aligned with her love for fashion hence she focused on getting into modelling. Dissatisfied and coupled with disappointments along the journey she took a break and along came the idea of Ascend, a label she could design and model for. The name Ascend came about at a time she was trying to find herself,define her purpose so she could Ascend to greater heights. As a self taught designer, she brings in a raw approach to fashion, an insight into fashion from someone who has a deep connection to it. The brand has had positive responses and was featured in GQ South Africa. In September 2021 Ascend Label had the opportunity to showcase at The Midwest fashion week in collaboration with Inga Atelier , a luxury leather goods brand.