*The following article was written by Midwest Fashion Week contributor, Ronda Bowen.

Just as the 90’s are having a resurgence in womenswear this fall, menswear is also rocking the styles of the decade. Colors are bold, shapes are bold, patterns are bold – it’s bold all around. While neutrals are also trending right now, consider pairing some bold outerwear with more reserved shirts and trousers. Aside from colors of the moment, take a look at these other great trends to add to your style arsenal right now.


Giorgio Armani

Red is everywhere for men right now. There are red jackets, red coats, red jeans and pants, red button downs, and lots of people are wearing red on red on red. While you can certainly do this, there’s also something to be said about a tailored red button-down with khaki trousers.

Knit Polos

Isabel Marant

As with women’s trends this season, men’s fall fashion features well-fitting knit polo shirts. The thicker the fabric, the better. Sweater-knits with wool blends are the most popular. Look for bright colors and fun textures to make a statement.



Turtlenecks are back. While the black turtleneck has always been a fashion staple, neutral knit turtlenecks are here in a big way. Look for fun textures and different weights for layering or wearing on their own. Navy, beige, grey, eggshell – all colors that should make their way into your wardrobe.

Long Shorts


Long shorts are a bit of a surprise going into fall 2021, but they are a great transition piece when paired with a knit polo or a turtleneck, particularly in areas of the Midwest where it’s warmer a little longer. Look for them to hit mid-knee.

Oversized Trousers


If Kris Kross ever made you “jump”, you’ll be thrilled to know that the oversized trousers trend is a bit toned down from the one that took the 1990’s by storm. While wide-legs are very popular right now, these trousers are being worn fitted at the waist, and worn with blazers, knits and even graphic tees.

Oversized Outerwear

Dolce & Gabbana

Oversized outerwear is also popular, particularly oversized and boxy trenches in classic colors. To style properly, don’t pair this one with the oversized trousers or long shorts. Instead, keep everything else fitted and tailored.



Fleece is in again. This versatile outerwear fabric is popping up with both cargos and slim fit jeans, and is ready to get out of the closet and onto the street. It’s a great transitional piece! Look for styles that can be layered, especially fleece vests.


A Cold Wall*

If there’s one over-arching theme for all the trends in menswear this fall it’s texture. Corduroy, chunky knits, fleece – texture is king this season. Have some fun with it and mix textures with tone-on-tone styling.


Louis Vuitton

This classic print is back and it’s big. Look for gray pinstripes in particular. Dress it up as a suit, dress it for the weekend with a knit polo. Whatever you do, don’t regret not adding at least one pinstripe piece to your wardrobe for the fall/winter season.

Sweater Vests

Louis Vuitton

Just as for women, sweater vests are back. Look for styles that fit well over knit polos and turtlenecks. Argyle, stripes, and neutral colors are the best investments here. They will stand out against other backgrounds and ensure you look chic for all your fall outings.

Leather Trenches


No, you’re not in the Matrix, but leather trenches are very much in style this fall. Look for the classic black leather trench with hardware – but be careful. Go too far with the hardware details and risk looking like you just stepped off the set.

Varsity Jackets

Louis Vuitton

This classic look is also big when it comes to men’s fall 2021 outerwear. A varsity jacket with a sweater vest and knit polo paired with jeans or oversized khaki trousers is sporty and practical. If you don’t have one from high school, don’t skimp on quality. This is a classic that keeps coming back, and you’ll want to take advantage of its perennial popularity.