Photo Credit: Nick Souyris

You know what they say – sometimes you have to start at the bottom and work your way to the top. At Midwest Fashion Week we’re often asked, “how can I get involved in the fashion industry?” and the answer is, there are so many ways! Whether you’re just starting your fashion career, or simply want to get involved in the community within an industry you love, starting at the local level can be a great and rewarding experience. Check out these ways to get involved in local fashion and launch your career from the ground up.


Start a Blog or Ramp Up Your Instagram Activity

Blogging and Instagram have taken the fashion world by storm! Sharing your personal style online and through social media can open doors to work with big brands and allow you to receive opportunities you didn’t know were possible. It may start as a side hustle but time and dedication can lead to bigger and better things – and getting your name out into this corner of the fashion world can go a long way.


Look for Local Organizations

If you’re looking to network and make connections in the industry, reaching out to local organizations can be a great way to get started locally. Do a simple internet search for fashion organizations and programs in your city and see what events and membership opportunities they may have. For example, Indianapolis has the Arts Council of Indianapolis and even local art museums (like Newfields in Indy!) have fashion groups and events where you can meet and greet.


Reach Out to Local Fashion Publications

Those in or near a larger city likely have a local magazine (or multiple!) focused on local fashion, food, and events. If writing happens to be your thing, reach out and ask if they are accepting new contributors to author articles and blog posts. This can be a great way to get your name out there – and sharing your written work on social media can help build your portfolio if you aim to reach higher. Vogue, anyone?


Look for Local Jobs in Fashion

From a small boutique where you can dip your toe in the fashion buying market to a large brand with an office in your area, there are always places to start your fashion journey locally! Seek employment or internship to hone your skills, establish yourself, and work your way up. Do a quick internet search to see what’s in your area (you may be surprised at what you find!) and get ready to polish that resume!



Get Involved in Your Local Fashion Week

Of course our top tip is to reach out to your local fashion week and simply ask if you can help. Midwest Fashion Week thrives on volunteers, interns and other professionals who love fashion and want to get involved. Whether you are seeking to work on the business side, in backstage production, or establish yourself as a model, photographer, or designer, there are always ways to get your foot in the door with your local fashion week.



So many of our past volunteers and interns have gone on to do big things in fashion and are thriving in fashion capitals of the world, while others are happy staying right here and helping us do what we love. If you want it, all you have to do is ask and be prepared to put the work in.


Interested in volunteering for Midwest Fashion Week? Reach out and tell us what you’re looking for!