Binta Sagale

Instagram: @bintasagale



From cutting paper clothes for her Barbie dolls at age 6 to completing her first outfit in 2005, Binta Sagale’s talent for fashion was evident from the beginning. Moving from Guinea, West Africa to the United States in 2009 gave her a unique perspective on culture and fashion. After teaching herself how to sow, Binta used her perspective, coupled with immense talent to launch her online store in December of 2014.
Known for its one-of-a-kind combinations of African and modern American fabrics with sleek European fits, her designs have thrilled customers as well as earned her notoriety in the industry. Specializing in custom-made evening, prom, and bridal gowns, Binta also offers plus size clothing and more.
Binta views fashion and creativity as a way to inspire young women and entrepreneurs. Her factory that she started in her home country of Guinea trains and teaches over 20 women to sew each year, providing them with valuable lucrative skills to provide for themselves and their families.
Binta has received numerous accolades for Best in Show, as well as frequently participating in fashion shows like Midwest Fashion Week, African Fashion Week Chicago, Journey Fashion show, and Fashion Without Borders.
While her achievements are already impressive, Binta is just getting started. In the next 5 years she plans on having a storefront on Michigan Avenue and expanding her business to Africa. Within the next 10 years, Binta aspires to open a clothing factory in Guinea.
When Binta is not breaking barriers with her multicultural designs, catch her serving as a TV personality and judge on the popular fashion-focused reality show, “Le Mannequin”, based in Guinea.