Did you find yourself in a bit of a fashion rut by the end of last year? It’s time to ditch the “same old, same old” routine and unlock your most stylish year yet! Forget impulsive trends and fast fashion frenzy. This year, it’s all about shopping smarter, embracing your individuality, and building a wardrobe that feels as good as it looks. From rediscovering hidden gems in your closet to rocking iconic signature pieces, these fashion resolutions will elevate your style and confidence and reduce your impact on the planet. Ready to step into your most stylish self? Let’s dive in!

1. Shop your closet first

Before entering a store this year, head to your closet and drawers. Take everything out by type. Go through the garments and hold onto the items you would buy again if you were shopping now. Let go of anything you would not purchase a second time, that doesn’t fit well and can’t be altered, or that doesn’t feel good when you try it on. You won’t wear those items; they’ll take up valuable real estate in your closet. Donate anything that still has life in it, or if you’d like to earn a few dollars, head to second-hand e-tailers like Poshmark or thredUP.

2. Consider a capsule wardrobe

You’re late to the party if you don’t plan your year around seasonal capsule wardrobes. By planning your wardrobe so that everything in it works together, you can get more mileage from each piece in your closet. Organizing your wardrobe this way also makes it so you can be more intentional when shopping for new items.

3. Invest in quality basics

Now that you know what you have in your closet that you love and wear, it’s time to make sure you have quality basics. Look to support sustainable designers and brands committed to reducing their environmental impact. This creates a win-win situation. In the long run, you wind up spending less on clothing by spending more on high-quality garments, reducing your ecological impact.

4. Commit to a sustainable style

Speaking of online thrift stores and sustainable brands, make this the year you commit to sustainable style. While it’s tempting to follow every trend, doing so continues to support fast fashion. Instead, pick key trends and shop second-hand for items that fit the bill. Not only will you wind up with more unique outfits this way, but you’ll also end up with pieces that stretch your budget.

5. Wash your clothes less frequently

Microplastics are becoming an increasingly concerning problem for fashionistas. To help reduce the number of microplastics entering the water supply during the laundering process, wash clothes only when they need washing. Many garments can be worn more than once before laundering – particularly during the cooler months.

6. Ensure your clothing has a great fit

Ill-fitting clothing can ruin your entire look. When you’ve invested in quality garments, it’s easier to get it tailored. Even a simple outfit like jeans and a t-shirt looks far more put together if you’ve had a tailor make sure those jeans fit you perfectly. Take time this year to upgrade your style by having your garments tailored to fit your body as it is.

7. Consider renting or borrowing for events

We all do it. We go shopping for that perfect dress or suit for our work party, wedding, or family reunion, and then we never wear it again. Rather than purchase something that will be a one-and-done item in your closet, consider renting the garment or borrowing it from a friend or family member. That way, your outfit is still new to you, but you won’t have to store something you won’t wear again in your closet afterward.

8. Focus on statement pieces

Accessories can change the entire feel of an outfit. Rather than purchase multiple outfits, purchase a few statement pieces – a chunky necklace or a sensible workhorse of a versatile and stylish handbag – to change up the feel of your wardrobe. This is another place where you can purchase high-quality and classic items that will last for years to come.

9. Focus on creating a signature look that’s uniquely you

Finally, this year, create a look that reflects who you are and your values. Do you love the color red? Wear red. Love stripes? Work them into your wardrobe. Focus on comfort, self-expression, and the energy you want to bring into the world. No matter what, you’ll look amazing when you dress in a way that reflects you and features items you love.