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Women’s Fashion Trends We’re Loving for Fall 2020.
26 Aug

Women’s Fashion Trends We’re Loving for Fall 2020.

As the summer days start to wane, and we move into crisp morning breezes, we’re all starting to get antsy for pumpkin spice lattes, transition outfits, and evenings spent taking in the cooler air. Naturally, that means it’s also time for my personal favorite item to come in the mail – the September edition of Vogue. While many of us are still spending the bulk of our days working from home, it’s still good to keep up with fashion and what’s “in” – if only for the sake of our own mental health.

We’re starting to see the 80’s and 90’s trends of seasons past die down, and style this coming season is once again more eclectic…


Cropped Blazers and Jackets



Blazers that end at the waist instead of the hip will be in style. Even blazers with draped lapels are shorter this season. Denim jackets with a similar cut, hoodies, and other outerwear are also popping up in streetwear as we move into fall.


Pretty Bralettes and Bra Tops


Source: Cosmopolitan


What better to wear under your cropped blazer – or a cozy sweater – than pretty lingerie? Exposed bralettes and bra tops are getting attention they haven’t seen since the early 90s. Wear them with an oversized sweater so that the top of the bra shows, or under a wrap sweater.


Bold Colors – Chartreuse, Marigold, Rust


Source: Popsugar


Bold colors are often in for fall, and this year is no different. When selecting your pallet for your fall wardrobe, look for the jewel tones. If jewel tones don’t compliment your skin tone, look for the colors in accessories, skirts, and shoes for fun pops of color.





To avoid looking like you stepped off a western film set (or fell out of the 1920s), you’ll want to keep away from anything that looks costume-y. Fringe purses are fun, especially in those great jewel tones we mentioned above. Fringe on hems is also an outstanding choice for fall.


High Hemlines



Despite it getting colder, hemlines are going higher. Ultra-minis are back in style, and they’re being worn sans tights. To avoid looking like you stepped out of Alicia Silverstone’s time machine, steer away from the plaid skirt-high socks combination. Definitely wear the high socks and the mini skirt, but veer more toward combinations like rust corduroy with an ivory cable knit high sock.


Animal Prints Continue to be Popular


Source: Shop Newtess


At this point, it feels strange to call animal prints a “trend,” particularly since they’re becoming neutrals in the standard wardrobe, but designers continue to switch things up. They’re using animal prints as the base while changing up the color–and they’re venturing beyond your standard leopard, zebra and snakeskin to include deer prints.


Dresses Worn over Pants


Source: Cosmopolitan


Another fall trend is wearing dresses over pants. We’re not just talking about leggings, but jeans and even slacks. For a really chic and easy look, consider wearing a white shirtdress over skinny jeans. Unbutton the dress so that the fabric drapes and swishes over the denim as you move.





Metallics are big this fall – particularly in the form of chainmail mesh overlays on eveningwear. This fabric is surprisingly supple, and it has an amazing drape. Keep things simple with this – it can go from chic to overdone quickly. You don’t want to look as though you fell off the set of Dynasty.




Source: Glowsly


Patchwork is another big trend this fall. I’ve seen it on dresses, coats and jackets, and tops. This fun, eclectic look pairs well with warm corduroy, velvet, or denim, but you can also put it with leather to create an interesting mix of soft and structured.


Leather Everything – and In Technicolor


Source: Pouted


Colored leather, and leather suits are getting into the action this fall. While I’m a big fan of the classic motorcycle jacket or bomber, we’re seeing leather blazers and leather pants in streetwear. And these aren’t your 90s leather pants – these are structured, tailored, and ready for business.


Baby Doll Dresses and Ruffles on Dresses


Source: Hypebae


Along with the patchwork, baby doll dresses and dresses with ruffled details are big going into the fall. These are easy-to-wear, and easy to video conference in. Some days, an easy dress that you can dress up or down is exactly what quarantine ordered!


Velvet Jeans


Source: Cocobolo


Velvet jeans are the perfect fall alternative to corduroy. They’re luxe, they’re warm, and they can be dressed up or down. Look for a pair with stretch so that you vet that “just-right” fit. Jewel tones are great for these too, particularly in ruby red or a brilliant topaz. Wear them with black and white stripes and a denim jacket, or a black turtleneck, long necklace, and white moto jacket.

So, which is your favorite? Which trend can’t you wait to add to your closet? Tag us in your looks on Instagram when you try them out this fall for a chance to be featured!

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