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Tasha Martens
9 Oct

Tasha Martens

“Upon finding out I was pregnant I knew that it was a perfect time to start my own business. In the year of 2012 along with my little baby girl the “Tasha Martens” brand was born!” T.M.

Femininity has always been in fashion and in fashion it will stay. It’s a simple recipe that never changes. It’s light and unostentatious. It embraces with its softness and brings a warm light into this world. Although it is easy to be a woman, it’s not easy to carry femininity into this world.

Where’s Marilyn and Audrey Hepburn of our time?

A dress has a magical appeal and a special energy that can change the mind of its possessor. That’s exactly what drove me into creating my collections. I always pass on a piece of my energy and my soul to each clothing piece I work on.

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