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6 Apr


SYLWIA is a clean and esthetic line of sophisticated silhouettes. Our fabrics and way of tailoring deliver comfort and practicality, as well as a modern approach to classic rules of accentuating strength and femininity.Through the years, our designs have appealed to many women, from young and chic business professionals to ladies that wish to stay elegant attending luncheons, charity or family events.

We take pride in details. SYLWIA designs are made from finest materials with special importance of quality. Our carefully chosen fabrics allow us to achieve a tailored look while also providing wearable comfort.

The designer of SYLWIA, Sylwia Wilczynska, started in the fashion world by teaching herself step by step the craftsmanship of designing and tailoring. First, trough her childhood, she would dream, diving into her parents closet, then opening her creative wings attending art school, to carving it later into a career. Thanks to her meticulous attention to detail, authenticity, dedication, and pure love for her work she opened her first studio. Shortly after that, her rapidly growing clientele allowed her to open a boutique in Lincoln Park, Chicago. She also designed for SYLWIA JAMES LLC label in Miami for a couple of years. Her work was featured in multiple runway shows, TV shows, and fashion magazines.

Currently SYLWIA is located at 800 W. Altgeld, Chicago IL 60614.

Clothes that Sylwia designs invite each woman’s personality to come through. Every season her collections combine extreme elegance with freshness, and capacity to mature in time, letting her customers cherish the experience of building their wardrobe. The importance of quality, perfect fit, and reliance on traditional artisan skills resonates deeply in her signature look of clean silhouettes, where each piece is crafted to perfection.