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Shop Midwest: J.Benzal
12 Aug

Shop Midwest: J.Benzal

When we think about boutiques, womenswear typically comes to mind; small shops stocked with the latest trends, home goods and accessories. But more than a decade ago, a stylish man with an eye for detail and a background in textiles and design saw a growing need for menswear in Indianapolis and decided to try something different – and J.Benzal was born! A private label menswear boutique with three Indy-area locations, J.Benzal takes men’s desire to be fashionable and stand out with an edgy and sophisticated style, and makes it affordable and accessible in the Midwest.

We recently sat down with owner and designer Ben Diallo for a quick interview about his brand, what makes J.Benzal different, and the one piece that every man needs in his wardrobe. Let’s dive in!


J.Benzal / Reagan Allen


Thanks for chatting with us today, Ben! Why don’t you give us a little bit of background on J.Bezal?

My name is Ben Diallo, and I am the owner and designer of J.Benzal, a private label menswear boutique. At J.Benzal, we believe all men want to look good and feel good in the clothes they wear, and they shouldn’t have to spend a fortune to do so. It’s about knowing how to dress well for your body and we take pride in helping our clients find their personal style. Every man should own a well-tailored suit – it’s a game changer! We make that our mission.

We have three locations in Indianapolis: Downtown Indy on Washington Street, in Carmel at Carmel City Center, and in The Fashion Mall at Keystone.


J.Benzal / Reagan Allen


How would you describe the style of your merchandise/ambience of your store?

We launched twelve years ago with a focus on suiting, which will always be the core of our business, but our clients have requested more, so we’ve expanded our offerings based on that demand. In addition to our specialty, Italian suiting, we’ve become a one-stop shop for all aspects of a man’s wardrobe from suiting and formal wear to casual shirts, slacks, ties, shoes and accessories. We are a high-end store with a free flow that helps our patrons to come in and see what they want quickly.


What trends are you loving this season?

We just got our new collection a couple months ago and I am really liking our paisley shirts, colorfully floral print tux/sport coats and the plaid suits.


What is one item you think every stylish man needs in his closet?

Every man needs a well-tailored navy suit. It’s classic and versatile.


J.Benzal / Reagan Allen


What makes your store different from others?

We care about our customers and make sure everyone is treated like a king. A good fit is critical, so we offer complimentary tailoring on all of our suits and sport coats. We also have a custom-made/bespoke service where we can have custom shirts and suits ready in less than a week thanks to our in-house master tailor.

Thanks for talking with us, Ben – we’re honored to have your brand as part of the Midwest fashion industry! Regardless of where you reside, online shopping is available through the J.Benzal website, and locals are welcome to stop by one of their three stores, or to schedule a custom fitting. Be sure to follow J.Benzal on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates and promotions!

Kacie Clark

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