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31 Mar


This article was originally published on YWCA’s Y-Shop

Shruthi is the founder and CEO of Reddy Set Yoga. Shruthi is a lawyer, yoga teacher and social entrepreneur who is passionate about solving social problems, particularly as related to health and wellness. Her mission is to improve the physical and mental health of kids and the adults in their world so everyone can perform their best in school and life.

The Reddy Set Yoga Approach 

Research shows that most modern health issues are a result of stress and toxins. We offer solutions to minimize the effects of stress and toxins to allow the body to heal and achieve “vibrant health” rather than simply being “okay, with no serious health issues.” Our programs incorporate yoga (asana/poses, meditation, mindfulness, pranayama/breathwork) and nutrition education. Yoga is a wonderful tool for reducing stress at any age and any level of fitness or mobility. To reduce toxins in your system, we suggest being mindful of what we put IN, ON and AROUND our bodies. We also partner with the most scientifically advanced, up-to-date nutritional therapies for detoxing and balancing the body.

The Truth About Your Health

While we can be careful about what we eat, what we use on our skin and what we use to clean our homes, it’s impossible to completely avoid toxins since they are present in our larger environment. Many of the toxins found in our food supply, skin products and environment are xeno-estrogens that act as endocrine disruptors in the body. These disruptions affect the regularity of our hormones and can cause a variety of health issues, including even developmental disorders and cancerous tumors. This is why it becomes essential to clean out our bodies seasonally using a safe detoxifying cleanse program that is recommended by top health practitioners and wellness professionals like those on our team.

Some of our biggest fans call this the 360 Clean Living Detox program (see below for more information). In the end, it’s really about taking a holistic approach to health and clean living. We have done our research in this area, and the products listed here are our favorite picks for our clients based on the most up-to-date research. If we find something better, we will let you know. If you think you have something better, we’d like to know.

My Story

I’m not a doctor, and no, I do not play one on TV. I’m a Health Advisor who works closely with a team of health practitioners and wellness professionals seeking to implement a holistic, integrative and functional approach to medicine for healing their patients.

As a former corporate lawyer, I became ill while in a high-stress, high-profile job many years ago. I was misdiagnosed and put on the wrong medications. My health deteriorated further, and I developed auto-immune issues. Nothing seemed to help, so I began seeking integrative MDs to take a more holistic approach. Eventually we found some answers in my nutritional deficiencies and other imbalances in my digestive system and immune system.

I was able to heal myself through yoga, nutrition and other holistic therapies. After overcoming my health challenges, I was inspired to share my knowledge and help others heal. I became a certified yoga instructor for adults and kids and launched a wellness business that incorporates nutrition education and holistic therapies. I feel more vibrant and healthy now than ever before.

With that said, I want to leave with providing 5 Yoga and Nutrition Hacks For Your Busy Day. 

1) “Pranayama” or Breath Exercises are the bomb. Try making your exhales longer than your inhales to create a relaxation response in the body. You will feel calm and relaxed.
2) Skip the coffee and have a high anti-oxidant aronia berry smoothie or drink like OPC. It will give you an anti-oxidant rich, caffeine-free energizing pick-me-up anytime along with the benefits of anti-aging.
3) Follow the 20 – 20 – 20 Rule to protect your eyes: Look away from your computer screen (or any electronic screen such as phone or tablet) every 20 minutes at a spot 20 feet away for 20 seconds.
4) Thump your Thymus once a day (perhaps in the shower to save time) to boost T cells and immunity: Make a fist and thump in the middle of your chest directly below your collar bones for about 20 seconds while breathing deeply in and out. You can also add an affirmation such as “All is well in my world.” You may experience a little tingling or a subtle feeling of joy which can indicate you have activated the thymus gland.
5) Step away from your desk and computer once every few hours and give your face, neck, shoulders, arms, wrist and fingers a good break with some light stretches and movement. Make faces in the mirror, moving your mouth and cheeks to feel a stretch, repeat a few times. Rotate your head gently side to side, then back and forth, gently stretching your neck. Repeat a few times. Shrug your shoulders up and down, unshrug, release, repeat a few times. Swing your arms from side to side, left to right and back again, letting your hands naturally thump your abdomen and back. Rotate your wrists in one direction, then in the other direction. Make fists with both hands, release, repeat a few times.
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