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Olga Grinyuk
9 Oct

Olga Grinyuk

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Bio Olga Grinyuk is the founder and designer of her very own dress collection brand “OLGA GRINYUK” that features European fabrics with unique texture, colorful prints and feminine style through the eyes of a Russian woman.

The variety of styles and colors of OLGA GRINYUK dress collection ignites imagination by replicating different images from retro style to modern cocktail outings and bridesmaids gatherings. Every woman can find a perfect Olga Grinyuk dress that fits her silhouette and style. Olga Grinyuk dresses range from size 40 up to size 54. All designer pieces are put together by Olga herself. She often travels to France and Italy to pick the best quality fabric.

Every year Olga Grinyuk launches 8 new seasonal collections that represent more than 700 new styles. More than a million women have become the lucky owners of OLGA GRINYUK dresses.”

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