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New Year, New Style: Winter 2020 Trends for Men
14 Jan

New Year, New Style: Winter 2020 Trends for Men

Last week we took a look at the trends women need in their life this Winter, but today we’re switching gears and chronicling styles for the gentlemen. No surprise here, suits and outerwear reigned on the runway this past Spring, so we’re breaking down each trend in more detail so you can easily pull it off in your everyday style. Let’s dive in!


Military Coats



While not particularly new to the scene this season, this trend is quickly becoming a Winter staple. From camo pieces to peacoats and bomber jackets, the military coat offers a piece for every individual style with an air of sophistication and touches of individuality in each pairing. We’re loving an all-black look featuring a longline peacoat, or a jeans and tee ensemble paired with a leather bomber jacket.


Monochromatic Suits



Suits have always been in style, but we love the unique touches designers are adding to help men set themselves apart as the trendsetters they are. From embellishments and unique cuts to bold colors, this trend is ever-evolving! This season we’re seeing a lot of monochromatic suits. Think pants, jacket, vest and shirt all one color. Yass! While neutral tones are always acceptable, step outside your comfort zone and choose a bright blue or muted cranberry.


Illustrated Knits



Sweaters are undoubtedly classic, but this trend is definitely new! While the women’s knitwear trends this season feature embellishments such ruffles and jewels, the men are mixing things up with illustrations and graphic prints. Think of this trend as wearable art and pick a piece that speaks to you!


Oversized Puffer Coats



Back to outerwear: With roots in the hip hop scene, the oversized puffer coat adds flavor to any street style. Pair a longline puffer with a sweatsuit and stocking cap, or throw one over a vintage-inspired leisure suit and sneakers for a statement style. This trend is more on the casual side, but we challenge you to dress it up as well!


Shoe Spotlight: Chunky Boots and Sneakers



It may be the new roaring 20s, but this style has sure 90s influence. Forget the classic chukka and sophisticated smoking loafer–this season is all about big, chunky shoes. The best part? This trend can be dressed up or dressed down. From athletic-inspired sneakers to boots, the bulkier the better!

Kacie Clark

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