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These Men’s Fall 2020 Fall Fashion Trends Are on Fire
9 Sep

These Men’s Fall 2020 Fall Fashion Trends Are on Fire

Soon, we’ll be having the last campfires of the season, the last trips out in the kayak, and we’ll be moving back indoors. As things cool down outside, things are heating up on the runways as men’s fall fashion is popping up in stores and online. Here are the pieces you need to have in your closet to keep the summer heat turned up through the fall and into the winter.


Fuchsia and Red


Source: Stylecaster


Fuchsia might be an unexpected fall color, but it’s fabulous. Red is also big this season. If you want to really be on-trend, go head-to-toe in these attention-grabbing colors. If you’re feeling like head-to-toe pink or red is too much, invest in a colorful wool blazer. Paired with slacks or a pair of dark denim, this has “signature look” appeal.


Oversized Coats


Source: Vogue


Go big or go home! When it comes to coats, this is going to be your motto this fall. Oversized coats are everything this season. To avoid looking sloppy, mind the details and tailoring – your coat should fit you well through the shoulders. You’ll also want to streamline the rest of your outfit, so that the intent of the oversized look comes through.


Sweater Vests


Source: Stylecaster


Sweater vests are picking up popularity again. Look for these in bold colors or with cool motifs. Nothing pulls together a button down and a pair of great-fitting jeans like a sweater vest with some cool details. The sweater vest is great through different seasons and is a spectacular way to bring color and detail to your fall layers.


Bold Statement Prints


Source: HypeBeast


Bold: If there were going to be a keyword for fall 2020 fashion, that would be it. There’s nothing quiet about any of the trends happening this season. The bolder, the better – it’s true of the fall colors and it’s true of the fall prints. Motifs, plaids and checks in novel colors, tie dye, and other pops of fun are bringing it this season.


Striped Sweaters


Source: Vogue


Stripes on sweaters – especially in bright colors – are making their way to you. Whether you want something a little more classic with a blue and orange stripe, or you’re looking to turn every socially-distanced head in the room and choosing blue, fuchsia, and white stripes, your closet wants a sweater with stripes in it. Go ahead, indulge!




Source: Stylecaster


Puffer vests and puffer jackets are having a renaissance this fall. In line with the oversized coat trend, the bigger the better. To avoid looking like you walked out of a time machine from the 1990s, you’ll want to keep the rest of your outfit monochromatic. Let your vest or puffer jacket make the statement for your whole look.


Leather & Shearling


Source: Vogue France


Leather is big this year, particularly leather slacks and blazers. You’ll also find some leather crewnecks, and those are definitely worth picking up, but be sure to keep your leather tones traditional. Shearling is another animal textile that is big this year. Find it on coat collars, lining denim jackets, and in a 70s style to change things up a little bit as the weather gets cooler.


The Coatigan


Source: Vogue France


Is it a cardigan? Is it a coat? It’s a “coatigan.” Structured cardigan sweaters made from thick yarns are here, and we’re here for them. For this trend, you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on the details. This year’s coatigans have fun button details, interesting graphics, and even color-blocking.




Source: Edited


The utility pants and jacket trend is continuing. Look for lots of pockets, tailored strapping detail and drawstrings. The upside to this trend is you’ll always have plenty of room for all the things you normally carry in your pockets. The downside? There is no downside. Utility styles are here to stay – and if you want to veer away from khaki and olive green, there are plenty of bright options coming onto the scene.


Updated Corduroy



Corduroy is always a fall staple. Rust colors, olive, browns – those are the classics of corduroy. This year, corduroy is getting an update. Corduroy is available in a wider variety of styles, and fun colors. Why not rock two trends at once with a corduroy jacket in fuchsia – or, if you’d like to make a more subtle statement while still making a statement, look for a corduroy blazer suit.




Source: Vogue


Yeah yeah, I know–ties have been a menswear staple for as long as they’ve been around. But, this year’s ties are bold, and in a throwback to the 90’s, they’re not just for suits. Ties are being worn with layered button-ups, sweater vests, and velvet dress shirts sans blazers. You’ll find them with blazers, too, but they’re being tacked to the inside of the lapel.


Alright stylish gents, time to stock up! Which trends are you most looking forward to?

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