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Heather Marie… (Heather Marie… Designs)
19 Sep

Heather Marie… (Heather Marie… Designs)

Heather Marie Designs


Heather Marie… a 1999 chemistry graduate of Butler University, who earned a Masters of Organizational Management of University of Phoenix Dallas Campus in 2005, resigned from corporate America in 2019 to pursue her dreams with Heather Marie Designs. Although Heather Marie Designs was established in 2013 to create custom apparel for numerous brands, individuals and several private labels, Heather Marie… reinvented the brand in 2019 with designing luxurious custom fedoras to have rock star, eclectic and classic characteristics that expand wardrobe essentials. Haus of S.E.L.F. (Stylish Eclectic Luxurious Fedoras) have a drawstring inside sweatband for size adjustments which is excellent for those who wear wigs, hair extensions, braids and/or locs.

About her collection:

Heather Marie Designs presents: COVERED Bespoke Collection.

My inspiration for COVERED is various crowns and larger hat sizes with captivating colors to add to the electrifying and elaborate embellishments that originally catapulted the brand. COVERED offers fashionable brims for heads up to 26″ head circumference and the drawstring inside the sweatband allows for size adjustments. When wearing COVERED, a divine energy will cover you, delivering an authoritative experience that is unforgettable… We’ve got you COVERED!

From Ronnie DeVoe of New Edition, Mali Music, Jadakiss, Big Freda, Cedric the Entertainer and radio host DeDe McGuire, many have worn & bought the luxurious custom Heather Marie Design fedoras. The nationally recognized designer is living her dreams with purpose! During New York Fashion Week 2020, Heather Marie Designs collaborated with Catou for a unique runway showcase, EMERGE! This show was created to showcase African-American designers and serves as a platform to provide exposure for these talented artisans. It was highly attended and well-received by the media, and commenced with the giving of the Fashion Innovator Award to New York Fashion Week creator, Fern Mallis, in recognition of her worldwide influence and innovation in fashion.

Both Catou and Heather Marie Designs are currently showcased at the Confessional Showroom in New York, where stylists and celebrities can select their one-of-a-kind designs for public appearances.