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Gabriella Harbridge
17 Apr

Gabriella Harbridge

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Gabriella Harbridge is currently a student at Ball State University double majoring in Fashion Merchandising and Design Apparel with a minor in Marketing. Her hometown is Indianapolis, but her heart is also set abroad. She has found herself venturing all across the spectrum that the field of fashion has to offer. From purse designing for Aubry Lane to being a fashion journalist in Brazil in height of the 2016 Summer Olympics, Gabriella has accepted the numerous opportunities that has been presented to her.

In her Fall 2017 line, Sonorous, she brings out the resonant, resounding, and richness of her personal taste into visual and wearable works of art. She has taken her inspiration from the amazing and unique people she has had the pleasure of meeting from her travels this past year in Rome, Florence, São Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro.

Included in this line, Gabriella has also incorporated her designs through her purse designing position through Aubry Lane. These Aubry Lane handbags are not only luxury handbags, but personal security bags as well. In each specialty handcrafted bag, an emergency cellphone, SOS, and GPS locations device is included and can be instantly activated when an emergency arises.

Aubry Lane is inspired by women’s intrepid pursuit of personal style. Each and every handbag is designed to empower women as they make their mark on the world. Aubry Lane seamlessly integrates fashion and technology into each unique bag, ensuring both style and security.