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Customization in the Fashion Industry
31 Mar

Customization in the Fashion Industry

This article was originally published on by Sara Rewienska

In a time where brand loyalty is low and demands are high, it is no surprise that customization is on the rise. Consumers are more educated and expect products that will follow their needs and expectations. This one-of-a-kind products are aiming to create a deeper connection between a shopper and a brand. In the “Business of Fashion” I came across an interesting article about customization. Here I would like to cite thoughts of José Neves, and Robert Cordero, because they greatly describe this trend. Neves is a founder and CEO of Farfetch and an investor in Knyttan, a custom knitwear start-up. Robert Cordero is the founder of Bamin, a New York-based start-up offering Lego-like fashion bags made of interchangeable parts.

“We’re very much used to ‘smart’ digital products and I think this is reshaping our expectations as consumers.” – Robert Cordero.

“I think the biggest problem in luxury fashion in particular right now is: how do you surprise customers? How do you make the product more individual? You have the same fashion stores in Beijing, New York, Miami, London. Mass production is no longer as exciting as it used to be. So I think mass customization solves the problem of retaining the individual, the feeling that something was personal, which is essential for luxury labels.” -Jose Nerves.

Frankly speaking, I was quite baffled to see the rapid adoption of customization. Few years ago you could not think of so many companies that are in this business or that you could design, create your own personalized style and design every detail of for instance your purse. A few years back I remember seeing a Louis Vuitton bag engraved with an initial and stripes that would symbolize a flag. However, it is clear to me that customization and personalization of products has been taken to the next level. I am a purse lover, so that’s why I decided to share with you the list of brands that offer great customization options:

1. LAUDI VIDNI, Chicago-based company




3. HENRI BENDEL (My favorite…)


4. MARIELLA VILAR (E-boutique based in Florida)





7. SAINT LAURENT (something for upscale customers)

Lisa Gunderson