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Blake Boyd
11 Oct

Blake Boyd

Blake A-L Boyd is a native of Indianapolis. I knew I wanted to be a fashion/creative entrepreneur as early as 17 years of age. I came to the realization one night as I was working to close at Hollister in the Castleton Square mall. I’ll be graduating from Indiana University- Bloomington in December with a degree in Liberal Studies, and minor in marketing. I’ve become a sharper individual because of my college experiences. My designs and aesthetics communicate my perspective and inquisitiveness. My goal is to bring life to what I touch and create. I work to create a piece, and body of work that stands on its own. For many fashion enthusiasts, Midwest based fashion is boring and dated. With Collection Wun, I have disrupted that stigma through my ability to combine prints, and fabrics with silhouettes for a unique style. I know that in a place like the Midwest Fashion Week, my designs must be able to exist not only on the runway (as to attract upper mid- upper-class purchasers), but also endure a rigorous day to day that may include manual labor. I capture this essence with the prints and construction of my garments & accessories. My primary fashion design precept is that clothing should never limit the wearer from doing an activity. I would like to exhibit with Midwest Fashion Week because I believe that I have developed an aesthetic and collection that will add to the richness of Midwest based fashion and design.

Blake A-L Boyd