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Behind the Scenes with Celebrity Fashion Stylist Alison Hernon
15 Dec

Behind the Scenes with Celebrity Fashion Stylist Alison Hernon

From the Midwest to the Big Apple, celebrity fashion stylist Alison Hernon has done it all when it comes to the fashion industry! When she’s not pulling looks for stars on location, or interviewing celebs for her online magazine, she’s sharing fashion history tips inspired by her own personal style on Instagram. We recently sat down with the PhotoBook owner to ask about her path from magazines to commerce and back to magazines, her favorite trend for F/W 2020 and her best advice for anyone just starting out in fashion.

Tell us a little bit about your background  and your ties to the Midwest.

I am owner of PhotoBook Magazine and a celebrity fashion stylist living in Brooklyn, New York. I grew up in a suburb of Boston, called Framingham, but before that I also spent time in the Midwest — in Nebraska and Indiana. My dad grew up in the Midwest.

How did you get started in fashion and where has that path taken you?

I started out working in the magazine industry and spent the first ten years of my career as a fashion stylist assistant for Interview, Vanity Fair and InStyle. I left to style eCommerce & Catalog for the next 12 years at companies such as Nordstrom, Amazon and Macy’s, where I held a staff position of Senior Fashion Stylist. With emerging TV shows filtered on all networks and the explosion of celebrities, I decided to go back to where I started from, back to magazines. I started out by creating my own magazine to build a celebrity portfolio, but it became even more. Now I style PhotoBook Magazine and many celebrity & editorial features with photographer Mike Ruiz. He is also the Creative Director for PhotoBook.

Tell us more about PhotoBook! What’s the story behind your creation?

PhotoBook is an online publication that broadens individuals’ world views by seeking out emerging creatives, brands, companies, and fresh takes on society. We closely monitor what is happening in the creative world — emerging and upcoming artists, photographers, fashion designers, illustrators, videographers, painters, and other creative talents — and integrate this creative world with a supportive and healthy environment by embracing positive well-being, sustainable fashion, and social conscious change. Instead of focusing on the big-name individuals, brands, and companies, we like to address individuals and emerging brands and companies that can benefit from broader recognition.

What has been your favorite feature so far?

That’s hard to say…I approved all the features so I like them all! I especially enjoyed styling a Marie Antoinette-inspired story, and Russell Tovey, as he was was my first strong cover feature.

Who is one person you’d love to work with?

I would love to shoot Angelina Jolie and interview her. I love what she has done with her humanitarian efforts to adopt kids and ultimately provide them a better life.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

I am really excited that Mike Ruiz came on board as Creative Director for PhotoBook and I am looking forward to see his work in the January issue. It looks amazing! I can’t wait!

What are you working on now, or what’s next?

Because of COVID, we are trying to get as much done as possible with January and February issues, so working on a lot! You’ll have to wait and see!

What advice would you give someone trying to break into the fashion industry?

I think it’s good to be patient and intern and assist various stylists for a while, to really learn different styles and processes. It’s not just about having good style, but a business model that requires lots of organization.

What inspires you, or where do you find inspiration?

TV, movies, Pinterest, Instagram —  but for me I get especially inspired by being surrounded by a supportive and collaborative team that is on the same wave length.

How would you describe your personal style?

It’s always changing, right now vintage-inspired meets librarian.

Favorite trend for the winter season?

Polka Dots!

Thanks for chatting with us, Alison! Be sure to follow both Alison and PhotoBook on Instagram for fashion inspiration and the most beautifully-styled celebrity shoots.

Kacie Clark

I am a Midwestern fashion enthusiast with over a decade of marketing and content creation experience, authoring a number of published pieces both online and in print. I have worked with Midwest Fashion Week since 2008, stepping into the role of Marketing Director in 2019.