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Beautiful Difference | Diversity in Midwestern Industry
10 Apr

Beautiful Difference | Diversity in Midwestern Industry

When you think of the Midwest, wholesome images of sprawling farms and quaint towns with small, family-owned businesses likely come to mind. But the truth is, there are a number of thriving cities with booming businesses, exciting nightlife, luxury lifestyle and niche industries–and fashion and beauty are no exception. And as diverse as these niches are, so are the people who dominate them. Far from the coasts which are typically known for diversity, the Midwest has also become a melting pot of race, ethnicity and heritage, creating a culture that is solely Middle America. So, what better way to showcase that than through self-expression–hair, makeup and personal style?

From fashion bloggers and beauty vloggers to stylists, designers and models, diversity is more common than not in the Crossroads of America, and it’s creating a unique and interesting mix that can’t be found anywhere else. More than just variations in skin color, these diverse groups are bringing their personality, background and experiences to fashion and beauty to tell stories, and the masses are listening. Today, new talent is consistently being discovered at local events and publications, online and through social media, giving the Midwest a well-deserved respect and reputation that is ultimately helping to build the industry at large.

This is the Midwest; the heart of America. And we are beautifully different.

Kacie Clark

I am a Midwestern fashion enthusiast with over a decade of marketing and content creation experience, authoring a number of published pieces both online and in print. I have worked with Midwest Fashion Week since 2008, stepping into the role of Marketing Director in 2019.