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Arela Kharis
5 Apr

Arela Kharis

A designer coming from the inner city Gary, Indiana.  Once dreamed a dream that would last forever. At once it all began as just a hobby but turned then into a deep Love, passion and way of life. A passion that has lead her down a road to be known as an ambitious, faithful dreamer.  Creating a brand that would eventually be birthed from the meaning of Gods Grace. She seeks to take on the fashion world one step at a time. Keeping those things in mind that has inspired her the most
(God-Her Leader/Her#1, Family-who holds the keys& Aaliyah—Ultimate Legend) .

She goes on to develop designs that takes on a range from concept ,to urban to an individual of sophistication. She is one who welcomes all Women, Men and children as a united front of her brand. One may say her signature is to make Art with her passion through her fashions.