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Accessories Trends for Late Spring and Early Summer 2020
28 May

Accessories Trends for Late Spring and Early Summer 2020

Accessories are the frosting to your outfit. They can switch something from a casual look to something more formal and polished. What should you consider adding to your accessories closet as we round out spring and move into summer? Here are some of the top items you should look for.


Face Masks


Face masks are here for the foreseeable, but you don’t have to settle for humdrum when making a statement that you care for others’ well-being. Matching your mask to your outfit or to the occasion is becoming more common. Dressing up for an anniversary date outdoors? Why not sport a mask made from faux-glitter cotton? Heading to a park for a quite picnic with family? Why not pair a gingham print mask with a gingham dress and canvas espadrilles?


Statement Necklaces


With more of us meeting on virtual platforms, fashion icons are paying attention to the top half of their torsos. Large chains – to the point of being oversized – are very popular right now. Another big trend is geometric shapes. A lot of people are really showcasing their style by embracing strong angles, so why not step outside your comfort zone and try something new?


Wide Belts


Wide waist belts are another big trend. They really pull your look together and make a big statement! Opt for high quality and classic color/style as that will increase the longevity of your investment in the piece. Make a statement with a patterned and super-wide belt or keep things monochromatic to keep a streamlined look to your outfit.


Hoop Earrings


Hoop earrings are really in right now. But don’t skimp. The bigger the hoop, the better! Pearls in a hoop are a lot of fun, but giant metallic hoops also make a statement. When in doubt, go big. Look for lightweight options so they don’t hurt your ears.


Bucket Hats


These fashion classics don’t have to be boring. Choose a velvet texture or a classic Burberry plaid to protect your face from the sun. Bucket hats work with a range of face-shapes, so don’t fear that you’re not a hat person. If you’re feeling particularly bold, try a floral bucket hat. Men are also sporting this trend this summer, so put away that baseball cap and pick up this practical accessory that will protect your ears!


Square-Toed Shoes


The square-toed boot trend is carrying into summer with square-toed sandals. Strappy sandals are particularly hot this year. If you’re not feeling too bold, choose classics in taupe, black, or even gold. Don’t be afraid to play with color, though. Powder blue, red, and yellow are all fun ways to play up your summer outfits!


Padded Headbands


The padded headband, especially adorned with embroidery or beading, is a really big trend this summer. Wear the headband over forward-swept hair for an effortless effect. Just remember to be careful about pairing big headbands with statement earrings. A headband-chunky chain necklace combo is probably a better choice.


The Flatcap


This is another big trend for men’s headwear right now. Also known as the newsboy cap, this menswear classic can dress up or down depending on what you pair it with. Heading out to play golf? Wear it with a polo. In bad need of a haircut? Wear it to your morning Zoom meeting in lieu of a baseball cap.


Cat-Eye Tortoise-Shell Sunglasses


These fun sunglasses make a statement. Again, you might not want to rock the cat eye sunglasses with the bucket hat or a puffy headband, but they can look really chic on their own or with the oversized or geometric jewelry.


The Anklet


This super-fun 90s trend is back for 2020! While you can still wear the dainty anklets that were so popular during that decade, why not modernize it and try a thick-chain anklet? Wear them with heels or sandals depending on your mood and how dressy you want to be.

What’s your favorite accessory trend you’re seeing where you live?

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