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Fashion Takes heart(land)

Go back to the days when designers such as Coco Chanel and Valentino had runway shows in their own boutiques. It was personal and from the heart.

At the Midwest Fashion Week, you get the same access with great designers and lifestyle brands. This is your invitation to be in the Heart of Fashion.

See the unique styles and influences of the Midwest, the Heartland of the U.S. It is about classic, timeless design blended with both East and West coast influences. Up-and-coming fashion talent from around the U.S. as well as established designers who have made their mark in the industry will showcase their own interpretation of the Midwest.

Midwest Fashion Week is dedicated to empowering the creative efforts of the clothing design community through events that connect people to take positive action for the common good while discovering new ways to express individuality through fashion.

Style takes heart(land)

Midwest is about enduring style that is timeless and meaningful. it is Americana. It is this quality the world wants when they think, “America”.

It is not utilitarion or bland.
It is not based on fads or the flavor of the moment.
It is not shallow.

It comes from the heart.
It is about enduring taste.
It is sincere and meaningful.

Berny Martin is all heart

Berny Martin is the founder of Midwest Fashion Week.

He is also the founder and designer of Catou, an internationally recognized line of men’s and women’s professional wear started in 2002.

Berny and Catou have been shown at Pairs Fashion Week, New York Emerge, Fashion Week, Brooklyn Fashion Week, Chicago Fashion week and African Travel Association Fashion Show.

Berny was awarded the United Nations Association Young Professionals in 2009 for his support and menswear fashion designer in the Midwest by FGI(Fashion Group International).

Combining his worldly travels, training, and natural talent, Berny launched his own label, Catou. Named after his grandmother, Catou garments are elegant and sophisticated with an edgy flare. His stylish, well-tailored clothing have been featured in runway shows the world over, and continue to provide the fashion industry with ageless, one of a kind fashions.

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